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"Thank you again Nikki!! You did an amazing job I couldn't be happier 😘❤"

- Katrina

"I loved this shoot so much! You made me feel soo beautiful! 😍❤️"

- Kierstyn

"You are the best Nicole! I love you!!! 😚 Hair and make up held up the whole friggin night."

- Anne

"@nicoleostonalbeauty you were absolutely incredible with the hair and makeup! 😍 Thank you for creating this gorgeous look. ❤️"

- Ushasi

"Thanks so much Nicole! Makeup was exactly what I wanted and you were the best to work with!"

- Kay

"@nicoleostonalbeauty thank you! I loved the makeup and lasted all night! 😍"

- Maryam

"Thank you Nicole for making me a gorgeous bride that day. And the rest of my wedding party, they love their hair and makeup!"

- Emy 

"...Thank you Nikki! It was such an unforgettable day and we were so happy to have you be apart of it :) <3"

- Jasmin

"Thank you for the beautiful makeup💕"

- Sara

"My wedding had been rescheduled due to the COVID-19, so my first hairstyle could not be at the other date, and after reaching out a lot of other professionals, and few days before the wedding a friend referred to Nicole. I called her explained the situation, and gladly she was available at the wedding date in October. We didn't have time to do the test, so I met her on the wedding day, she did my hair and also my mom's. We really loved how it turned out and at the end of the wedding my hair didn't move, it was perfect. Besides being a great hairstylist, she is a adorable person. Thanks Nicole for being available at my wedding and for surpassing my expectations."

- Leticia

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"YES! Thank you so much Nicole for the radiant goddess look!!! It stayed this flawless all day & night! You are seriously the BEST! ❤️🙏🏼💯 I miss having this look 😍"

- Martha

"Thank you for the makeup, it stayed on all night"

- Janny

We’re grateful to have met so many wonderful people and learned so many stories along the way. These are some of the kind words our clients have left for us in little corners of the internet - a  momentary glimpse of time shared.

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You absolutely killed it, we all looked fantastic! 

Thank you so much for not only making me look and feel amazing but for your energy and having fun spending the morning with my crazy family LOL!  I truly hope our paths cross again in the future. THANK YOU!!! ❤️ "

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"...She was also a very cheerful and personable person to be around making the process of getting your hair and makeup done on a stressful day relaxing and enjoyable..."

- Mingsze

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"...She was on time and was a pleasure to spend the morning getting ready with..."

- Kayley



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